Xiaomi gets patent for smart glasses

NEW DELHI: Smartphone maker Xiaomi is all set to add a new gadget to its diverse product portfolio. The company has recently filed for a new patent which reveals that the company is making its own smart glasses. Xiaomi is expected to launch the smart glasses in the near future. The patent filed highlights that the new smart glasses will offer more functionality and features in comparison to the regular smart glasses.


The upcoming smart glasses from Xiaomi are said to come with 4F detection and a new therapeutic signal emitter. According to a report by IT Home, the therapeutic emitter of the smart glasses will offer a feature which is capable of phototherapy. The phototherapy feature of the glasses will help in treating brain diseases and mental health conditions like depression or anxiety, and eye fatigue.


The report also adds that the light signals may include ultraviolet, infrared, laser and visible light signals. The yet to launch smart glasses from Xiaomi will also be capable of transmitting sound signals along with visual signals to enhance its performance. Apart from this, no other information about the smart glasses is available right now. Also it is not clear as to when Xiaomi will launch these smart glasses.


Recently, Xiaomi unveiled a remote charging solution called Mi Air Charge. This new technology will enable users to charge their devices over-the-air without using any cables or wireless charging stands. The company CEO Lei Jun mentioned that this technology has 17 technical patents. Currently, Xiaomi remote charging technology is capable of 5-watt remote charging for a single device within a radius of several meters.

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