WWE Files Opposition to Cody Rhodes Attempting to Trademark ‘Slamboree’ and ‘Match Beyond’

– PWInsider has an update on Cody Rhodes’ trademark battle with WWE. Last year, Cody previously filed trademarks for past WCW event names such as “Slamboree” and “The Match Beyond,” which was previously used to refer to WarGames. According to the new update, WWE filed in opposition on those aforementioned trademarks (Slamboree and Match Beyond) on Sept. 21.

PWInsider’s report notes that WWE is saying they purchased the rights to those concepts after acquiring WCW in March 2001, and that they are utilizing those terms on the WWE Network and website. WWE is also legally arguing that due to the long standing use of those terms in WCW and WWE, they are now “indelibly linked” in the minds of the public to “exclusively associated with WWE.”

Additionally, WWE is reportedly alleging that Cody Rhodes filed for those trademarks in an “attempt to unfairly trade on the long-standing use and recognition” of their longtime use with WWE.

Content retrieved from: https://411mania.com/wrestling/wwe-files-opposition-to-cody-rhodes-attempting-to-trademark-slamboree-and-match-beyond/.