What’s The Deal With These Jaguar Supercar Patent Images?

Jaguar might be up to something lately. And when I said something, I meant that the Conventry-based automaker might be working on a supercar that’s going to be a worthy successor to the famed Jaguar XJ220.

The images below are allegedly from a design filing from Jaguar Land Rover. It was brought to light by username panther on 7thMustang Forum, citing that these designs were filed in China on March 17, 2020. The original posted also said that they were also filed at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, with details not published at the time of this writing.

What could these design filings be for? For now, we’ll thread lightly and say that they could just be design studies, but we can’t erase the fact that Jaguar is up to something – something really exciting.

Those who have lived through the early part of the ’90s had the privilege of living with the production and existence of the Jaguar XJ220. This British supercar is a special machine, one that makes 542 horsepower (404 kilowatts) and could reach speeds of up to 212.3 miles per hour (341.7 kilometers per hour) – pretty impressive at that time as it is today.

Ever since the XJ220 left production in 1994, there’s a void left in Jaguar’s lineup. Sure, there’s the F-Type but nothing counts as a supercar – except maybe the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo, which you can only access through Gran Turismo Sport on Sony Playstation.

Could this be the production version of the C-X75 concept? Or could this be an early peek at the next-generation mid-engine F-Type? We’ll never know for sure until Jaguar releases an official statement. For now, we can probably live in peace by knowing that the British automaker hasn’t forgotten to make a proper mig-engine halo car.

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