VW trademarks ‘e-Samba’ in Europe

Today, your author has the Volkswagen Samba bus seen above in his driveway. We already know Volkswagen is working on the modern, electric answer to the Microbus. We first saw the ID. Buzz concept a few years ago, and have since been eagerly awaiting a production version, which we expect in 2022. We don’t yet have an official name for that production vehicle, but the folks at VW ID Talk forum may have uncovered a clue. VW has filed for the “e-Samba” trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The original Samba was a version of the Volkswagen Type 2, or Microbus, that was meant to help its occupants better appreciate the view thanks to the brilliant strategy of adding a ton of windows to the vehicle. It once had a total of 23 windows or, in later models like the example above, 21 windows. In addition to the regular windshield, side windows and rear window, it also had a number of smaller windows built into the roof. It also had a giant, panoramic, fabric sunroof, as well as windshield panes that opened up in order to further expose occupants to the elements.

So the “e-Samba” trademark could be the name of the new electric van. Or — and this is what we’re hoping for — it could be the name of a variant of the upcoming vehicle, perhaps one with a ton of extra glass or some other features to help capture the spirit of the original. It’s also possible VW doesn’t have specific plans to use the name yet. One thing’s for sure: It’ll have more power than the 54-horsepower bus in our driveway.

Got any other ideas for what an e-Samba could be? Speculate to your heart’s content in the comments below.

Content retrieved from: https://www.autoblog.com/2020/06/25/volkswagen-e-samba-trademark-id-buzz/?guccounter=1.