The Eamon Foundation, which owns the trademark to the Terrible Towel, has settled its trademark infringement lawsuit against an Indiana man who had been marketing the “Terrible Mask”.

In a federal court filing on Friday, the foundation entered into a consent decree with Charles A. Goldberg and Time In Apparel.  The settlement requires Goldberg to cease all manufacturing and marketing of the masks, stop advertising them, and he must also recall any that have been distributed.  He is also required to withdraw a U.S. Trademark Application for “The Terrible Mask,” he may not register any domain names using the word “Terrible,” and he has to remove any trademark-infringing material from his company’s website, which has already been done.

Goldberg had claimed that Terrible Towel creator Myron Cope had given him permission to market Terrible Towel products decades ago, but he could not produce any documentation to that effect.

Content retrieved from: https://www.wccsradio.com/2020/08/30/terrible-mask-lawsuit-settled/.