San Antonio craft brewer Brew Monkey sued for trademark infringement

Brew Monkey Beer Co., which celebrated its grand opening less than a month ago, is being sued by another Texas brewery for having a name that’s “confusingly similar,” the San Antonio Express-News reports.

According to the daily, Suds Monkey Brewing Co. of Dripping Springs — alleges that Brew Monkey’s name has caused the Austin-area brewer financial damages. Suds Monkey wants a San Antonio federal court to award it triple the amount of those damages, along with profits Brew Monkey has made from its “wrongful conduct.”

In its lawsuit, the Dripping Springs brewery accuses Brew Monkey of infringing on its trademark “with the intent to deceive consumers and to cause confusion among purchasers.”

“We’re still hoping to come to a reasonable compromise,” Brew Monkey owner and brewer Jim Hansen told the Express-News. “I really believe that (the) …San Antonio-Austin beer scene can come together and overcome our differences with this stuff. It should just be a handshake.”

Brew Monkey has yet to file an answer to the lawsuit.

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