Samsung to fight Coronavirus with new Antimicrobial Smartphone Cases

“Anti-Microbial Coating”: Another Step Towards Combatting Corona Virus Or A Trigger To OCD ??

Once a host of germ and infections, mobile phones, are to have a newfangled coating to keep the microbes at bay. Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, is believed to launch a product patent for “anti-microbial coating” which has been presented to countries like Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. This novel idea was also observed and witnessed in the year 2004 where Samsung applied for patenting an “Anti-bacterial Paint” which was later withdrawn.

Research from the University of Arizona projects that the “antimicrobial coating” has proven to be beneficial in keeping the bacterium off the surface for up to 90 days which ultimately corresponds to the fact that the same needs to be replaced after a 3-month period. Is this not an ultimate strategy to incentivize by attracting clientele every 3 months and also promoting sanitary habits within the populace?

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