Samsung patents transparent smartphone design

A recent patent filed by Samsung shows a transparent smartphone design with slim bezels, based on a new display technology developed by the company. According to the patent documents, the technology could make possible a fully transparent device while still retaining full display functionality.

To help visualize this futuristic design, the folks over at LetsGoDigital have collaborated with 3D artist Giuseppe Spinelli, aka Snoreyn, to create a series of renders of the patented technology. The artist’s rendition pictures the classic One UI in a limpid display, showing off the potential appearance of the device.


Photos courtesy of LetsGoDigital and 3D artist Giuseppe Spinelli

Of course, any such device is purely conceptual for now, and many other aspects of the design will need to be developed further to make it possible. In order to turn this concept into a reality, Samsung will need to either create transparent versions of the phone’s internal components or find a way to stuff them into the device’s super-slim bezels—neither of which seems an easy task.

The other major question, perhaps, is why anyone would want a transparent display. Though publicizing your smartphone usage to everyone nearby may not seem to be a smart idea, the display may have a number of possible benefits, such as the possibility of a dual-sided touchscreen. It might also be a huge benefit for AR experiences.

Other companies have also turned their attention to similar concepts, such as Sony’s transparent display patent from 2018, or OnePlus’s Concept One. Though the possibility and desirability of this ultramodern design are yet unclear, this is definitely an eye-catching concept worth looking out for.

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