Ryback and WWE Involved In Legal Battle Over Name

Former Intercontinental Champion Ryback Reeves is currently battling WWE over ownership of the Ryback name.

Following his departure from WWE, he legally changed his name from Ryan Reeves to Ryback Reeves. He is now battling the company for ownership of the trademark.

WWE initially applied for the Ryback trademark in 2011, renewing the filing in 2019, three years after Reeves left the company.

Reeves filed a petition with The United States Patent and Trademark Office to cancel WWE’s registration, indicating WWE is falsely connecting his persona with the company. We also says he did not provide WWE written consent to utilize the name.

On May 15, 2019, Reeves filed an application to gain ownership of the name, the trademark office has yet to grant him ownership due to ongoing legal proceedings between him and WWE.

Ryback has been open about the battle on Twitter, stating “I want everyone to see how petty @wwe is. A trademark that they renewed the last day so I couldn’t get it for a minimal fee and one they don’t use anymore and haven’t used in games, MERCH etc. I am the trademark and created prior to working there. Let it go and let’s move on!”

HeelByNature.com has obtained legal documents pertaining to the case, which can be read below. Ryback’s filing was made on 7/27, and WWE responded on 9/4.

We have transcribed the document to include Ryback’s claim, with WWE’s response below.

Content retrieved from: https://heelbynature.com/wrestling-news/wwe-news/ryback-and-wwe-involved-in-legal-battle-over-name/.