Reports: Xiaomi patents a smartphone with sliding flexible display

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has patented a new smartphone model with a sliding mechanism. This feature is built into its flexible display that wraps around the body of the handset.

The phone design sports a large display up front that exposes a set of selfie cameras when slid downwards, Android Authority reported on Monday.

This device’s display wraps around the phone’s bottom edge and covers most of its rear too.

“Effectively, the entire screen slides on the phone’s body. This means that if the front of the phone’s screen is slid down to reveal those selfie cameras, the screen on the back of the phone slides upward, presumably covering the phone’s rear cameras,” the report mentioned.

The display is the only portion that moves due to a sliding mechanism, which is possible owing to the screen itself being flexible and covers both the front and back portions.

Earlier, Xiaomi filed a patent for a foldable smartphone with a quad-camera system that rotates forward for selfies and back for regular photos.

The smartphone maker has filed the design patent for an inward bending phone in China and has also put 48 images to showcase the handset.

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