PSVR patent points toward a new PS5-related headset

A patent has been uncovered that points towards a new PlayStation VR headset in development for the PS5.

The patent was uncovered earlier today through Dutch website LetsGoDigital. Two of the big features for the redesigned PS5 headset, according to the patent, is haptic feedback and LED lighting being utilized through the new PSVR headset.

Haptic feedback is already used through the PS5’s DualSense controller, chiefly to provide a realistic feel to the actions the player is currently seeing their screen (for example when a ship rockets past Astro Bot, the controller rumbles accordingly). If you’re wondering how the hell a virtual reality headset uses haptic feedback, you’re not alone, but there are headsets that actually already boast the feature, using it to add texture to sounds.

This actually isn’t the first time a patent relating to an updated PSVR headset has been uncovered. Earlier this year in September, a patent revealing a one-handed controller with a single analog stick was unearthed from Sony, much like the design for the Valve Index VR controllers.

It’s worth remembering that the current PSVR headset works just fine with PS5, although you need to obtain a new PlayStation camera adapter in order for the headset to be compatible with Sony’s new console. By following this link to the official PlayStation website, anyone who already owns a PSVR headset and a PS5 can request a camera adaptor so that the VR headset can function with the new console.

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