Oppo Patents Smartphone with Detachable Rear Camera Module

I’d say Oppo and Vivo are two smartphone brands that are working tirelessly to better their camera technology. We have already seen Oppo launch phones with 10x hybrid zoom and an under-display selfie camera. And now, a recent patent filing reveals that the Chinese giant is working on something a lot more crazy.

smartphone with a detachable rear camera module

The detachable camera module has a rectangular pill shape. It features two sensors and an LED flash in the patent filing. While the concept is crazy enough, you would more surprised to learn that the camera module has a hidden USB Type-C port. You will have to connect the module to the Type-C port while clicking selfies.

The Type-C port seems to be accessible at two angles – 90-degrees and 180-degrees. This means you will have more versatility (as we have already seen with the rotating camera on the ZenFone 7) while capturing videos or group photos.

How about more features? Well, the patent reveals that the rear camera module will have a flexible circuit board. This means Oppo will be able to mount Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC modules to make it accessible remotely – without the Type-C port. Also, the module can also house a lithium-ion battery that can be charged via the phone itself. This is the catch we talk about at the start. Oppo will need to bake wireless tech and a battery into the camera module to make this a reality.

If the camera module technology turns into reality within the next couple of years, we can expect Oppo to build a variety of modules. One module could offer 108MP photos while the other could serve 100x zoom photos with ease. You will soon be able to carry multiple modules and hot-swap them as per your need. Sounds cool, right? However, we suggest you take the patent with a grain of salt as it’s possible that it may never see the light of day.

Content retrieved from: https://beebom.com/oppo-smartphone-patent-detachable-rear-camera/.