Now, wearable, refillable watch to dispense sanitiser

GTU start-up comes up with watch-like dispenser that can come in handy to sanitise hands while on the go; varsity’s 2010 batch students file for patent

Keeping hands sanitised is a necessity of the Covid-19 times. Carrying a sanitiser bottle in a purse, car and remembering to sanitise hands at regular intervals has become a way of life. But, a group of innovators realised there was no dispenser available in the market that could be used on the go. Gujarat Technological University (GTU) incubated startup Greenvolt Mobility has come up with G-Band, a watch lookalike that dispenses sanitiser every time it is pressed.

The product designed by GTU alumni of 2010 batch comprising Sarthak Baxi, Kartik Sheladiya, Sagar Thakkar, Karan Patel and Jagrut Dave — co-founder and partner in the company — was launched on Saturday at GTU.

Baxi said the company works mainly for electric vehicles but in the pandemic, they thought of coming up with a product to help people maintain hygiene.


The product

“We know that maintaining hygiene is not top priority in India. Though the majority of spaces offer sanitiser, foot-managed sanitiser dispensing machines, still people often forget to use it and put themselves to risk of contracting coronavirus. We wanted to come up with something handy and easy to use. So, we designed wearable- refillable ‘watch’ that can easily dispense the sanitiser with just one push,” he said.

The product uses melamine sponge in the watch-like device and once pushed, it dispenses the sanitiser. “The device requires liquid sanitiser and not gel-like sanitiser. Once refilled, it dispenses liquid sanitiser 15 times. The front side hole in the band is the place to pour in the sanitiser,” he said. Baxi said the band is made of skinfriendly material.

The product is already in production and is priced at Rs 299 to make it accessible to a larger section of society. The unisex design of the watch and the product has been filed for patent.

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