New Vivo patents hint at development of a flexible display smartphone

Despite the fact that flexible smartphones entered the consumer market last year, there are currently only three companies offering this form factor in the market. These are Huawei, Samsung, and Motorola. In the near future, another manufacturer, Vivo, may join them.

The company’s recent patents on electronic components for a foldable smartphone have been uncovered by online sources. In particular, we are talking about a document called “Display and electronic components”, which was discovered by the resource MyDrivers. His description talks about a new flexible three-layer display technology and some kind of electronic device that uses it.

The document also indicates that the safety of the display will be ensured by a protective layer on an adhesive basis, which will be located on the inside and outside of the flexible screen itself. The technology description clearly indicates that Vivo wants to find a solution to the most important problem of flexible folding smartphone screens – their increased fragility against the background of conventional displays.

In addition to this patent, the Chinese manufacturer has registered two more documents, also related to display technologies, electronic devices, and some of its components. They mainly describe the ability to mount the display to the motherboard of the gadget.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether Vivo is really going to release its first folding smartphone or the company is simply adding to its already huge portfolio of various patents related to the production of mobile devices.

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