New Sony Patent Shows PS5 With Multiscreen Capabilities

Opening Up Posibilites

In a brand new patent made by Sony, there are a bunch of pictures and information discussing bringing multiscreen capabilities to the PlayStation 5. The inclusion of multiscreen could open up brand new possibilities for consoles and would close the gap towards PC gaming even further.


If you are a PC gamer with a second monitor, you probably are aware of the possibilities of being able to multiscreen. From playing many things at once, to watching videos or stream on the 2nd monitor while you game, or keeping an eye on work while you are slacking off gaming (we won’t tell). I mean, we even know how convenient being able to alt-tab between different tasks is.

For the longest time, this was one of the biggest differentiators of PC gaming and console gaming, the ability to multitask. But with this change,  PlayStation 5 could be coming pretty close to the PC experience, especially with their recent upgrades.

To Clarify, the patent says “Provided is an information processing device which: displays a main screen including main content; displays a sub-screen including sub-content of a different type from the main content at the same time as the main screen”

It sounds pretty clear to me, what they are going for. Check out the source for additional pictures of the work in development!

Source: TheGamingRecord



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