McDonald’s takes legal action against Australian burger chain, says ‘Big Jack’ burger is Big Mac copycat

McDonald’s sues former CEO Steve Easterbook

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano discusses McDonald’s lawsuit against its former CEO Steve Easterbook which accuses him of lying about sexual relationships he had with employees, calling it an ‘enormous embarrassment’ for the company. Then he later talks about Fortnite’s lawsuit against Apple and Google.


McDonald’s has beef with an Australian burger chain.

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The fast-food giant is suing Hungry Jack’s for trademark infringement after the latter launched a new “Big Jack” burger that, McDonald’s claims, bears a striking resemblance to the Big Mac.

McDonald’s calls Hungry Jack’s Big Jack “substantially identical to its Big Mac.

McDonald’s, which has held a trademark on its colossal Big Mac sandwich since 1973,  filed documents via its Asia Pacific division on Monday in the Federal Court of Australia, alleging Hungry Jack’s “deliberately adopted or imitated” the Big Mac, Reuters reported.


The Big Jack, which debuted in July, is made with two “Aussie beef patties,” lettuce, pickles, cheese and onions, sandwiched between a three-piece seeded bun. It’s also said to include “special sauce.”

McDonald’s signature sandwich, meanwhile, is served up on a similar bun and features two beef patties, pickles, lettuce, onion and American cheese, as well as a “special sauce.”

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