Kris Jenner Reportedly Wants to Trademark Catchphrase ‘You’re Doing Amazing, Sweetie’

Kris Jenner is reportedly looking to capitalize on a catchphrase that’s led to countless memes.

TMZ reports that the Kardashian momager filed trademark documents last week to secure the rights to the phrase, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie,” which she first said on a 2007 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Jenner hopes to use the expression on a line of products, including everything from cosmetics to clothing, baby supplies, home goods, books, and magazines.

Jenner initially delivered the phrase while on set for Kim Kardashian’s nude Playboy shoot. While snapping a few pics of Kim, Jenner reassured her daughter, saying, “Kim, you’re doing amazing, sweetie.”

In addition to being a popular meme for years, the catchphrase recently saw a resurgence after Kylie Jenner made a cameo in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” video. Jenner took to Instagram to share an image of Kylie sitting next to Cardi, captioning it with the catchphrase.

Jenner has deeply benefited from her status as a reality TV mom. She appeared in the video for Ariana Grande’s song “thank u, next,” a Mean Girls parody where she played a role similar to Regina George’s mom (Amy Poehler). Outfitted in a similar pink velour tracksuit and holding a camcorder, Jenner tries to tape Grande and her Plastics crew as they perform during a talent show.

Jenner also previously trademarked the phrase “momager” in 2017.

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