IP company obtains patent infringement award of US$108.98 million against Apple in California

A California district court has issued a final judgment awarding Wi-LAN Inc. US$108.98 million in damages and interest.

In August 2018, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California awarded the Ottawa-based patent monetization company US$145.1 million in damages, to be paid by Apple Inc. for infringing two of WiLAN’s U.S. patents. While a hearing later in 2018 affirmed the finding of infringement, in January 2020, the court adjusted the amount to US$85.23 million in a damages-only re-trial.

The latest update, released on June 16, announced the addition of US$23.75 million in pre-judgment interest, for a total award of US$108.98 million. This amount is subject to post-judgment interest, calculated from June 16 until the satisfaction of the final judgment, plus royalties for products released by Apple while the litigation had been pending.

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