Honda CR-Z trademark sparks speculation about a new hybrid sports car

Honda may have a new CR-Z in the works, with American publication Motor Trend reporting the Japanese car company has filed the model name with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The Honda CR-Z was relatively short-lived – having been offered from 2010 to 2016 – and touted as the first production ‘sports car’ with a hybrid powertrain.

While the model wasn’t the quickest vehicle on the road, it did represent a shift in the way people considered hybrid production cars, with the practical Toyota Prius being the most popular hybrid at that time.

It’s possible Honda may be simply protecting the CR-Z nameplate from other manufacturers. However, it’s understood the original trademark expired three years ago, raising questions as to why the trademark application was filed now.

Another explanation is the Japanese car maker could be developing a new electrified CR-Z hot hatch.

In 2015, CarAdvice reported on rumours of a new CR-Z based on the Civic, using the Type R’s engine, and drawing elements from the hybrid Honda NSX supercar.

Taking inspiration from the iconic Honda CR-X hot hatch of the 1980s, the original CR-Z was praised for its steering, handling, and usable torque delivery, but was widely criticised for lacking the straight-line speed to be considered a true sports car.

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