Galaxy Buds Beyond Might Be Samsung’s Next Wireless Earbuds, Here’s Why

Samsung‘s next set of wireless earbuds could be branded as Galaxy Buds Beyond, according to a new trademark listing. While more typically thought of as a smartphone, TV, and home electronics manufacturer, the company has been slowly expanded its presence in the wireless earbuds market through its popular line of Galaxy Buds products.

Galaxy Buds are Samsung’s premium brand of wireless earbuds and are designed to compete with some of the leading options, such as Apple’s AirPods. Although the Galaxy Buds brand is newer, Samsung has been making wireless earbuds for a few years now. Not to mention, there has been more than one version of Galaxy Buds released since the original model. The latest are the Galaxy Buds Live which were released earlier this year and added several improvements, including longer battery life and active noise cancellation.

It seems Galaxy Buds Live will not be the last iteration in the Galaxy Buds line either. A new trademark filing has surfaced on the United States Patent and Trademark website that just may reveal what Samsung is working on behind the scenes. The trademark was filed on October 29 and references the ‘Galaxy Buds Beyond’ name. This most certainly sounds like it would be the next step in the evolving Galaxy Buds product line. Unfortunately, the filing doesn’t reveal any other details, as it is solely to trademark the name.

The filing itself does not automatically mean that there is a confirmed Galaxy Buds Beyond product making its way to the market. Companies file trademarks and patents all the time for ideas and titles that never see the light of day. This is of course a precautionary measure meant solely to protect the name in case the company does decide to use it. However, as this is a product line that Samsung is invested in, and the name tallies with recent products from the company, it seems more likely that Samsung will use the name.

If that is the case, the only thing left to do is to speculate on when a pair of Galaxy Buds Beyond might be released? Based on Samsung’s recent behavior, a new iteration of Galaxy Buds have typically been released alongside each of the company’s new phones. For example, the Galaxy Buds+ released along with the Galaxy S20 early in 2020, and a little later in the year came the Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy Note 20. With that in mind, it seems reasonable to assume that Galaxy Buds Beyond could be a product Samsung plans to unveil next to the Galaxy S21 series early next year.

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