BMW Motorrad Files 11 Electric Patents In Germany

BMW Motorrad has recently filed for 11 patents in Germany, and all of these patent filings are related to electric bikes. The interesting bit is that at least nine of these patents also contain the word, or tags, related to DC. This implies that BMW Motorrad may be working on a production version of the Vision DC Roadster concept which was showcased last year. Considering the fact that there are nine separate trademark filings, there could be the possibility of different styles or variants, based on the same basic platform.

In fact, the nine different applications could point to 9 variants of the DC, such as street, adventure, touring, roadster, etc. and also with different battery sizes and powertrains, offering different range and performance. The other possibility is that the DC name might become the BMW tag of all the German brand’s electric motorcycles, and BMW is now ensuring that future models will not face any trademark problems.

The other two documents refer to ‘CE 02’ and ‘CE 04’, according to latest reports from Europe. The CE series could be trademarks for the next line of models under the C Evolution name, and could include electric scooters as well, while the DC name is likely to be specifically for motorcycles. It’s not secret that BMW has an active electric vehicle programme.

Recent patents also reveal a covered scooter design, and could be one of the future electric two-wheelers that could be bunched under the CE series. There’s been no official word from BMW Motorrad about its electric two-wheeler plans yet, but with increasing interest and evolution of electric powertrains, it’s not difficult to expect BMW to be at the forefront of a whole new electric product programme.

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