Apple’s Futuristic MacBook Will Remove Your Keyboard

One of the delights in looking at a company’s patent claims is to see where it sees the future. That’s certainly the case with Apple’s latest patent around the MacBook. Are you ready to lose the keyboard?

The new details come in a patent titled “Device Having integrated Interface System”. In this continuation patent, Apple describes a laptop that uses a touch based lower surface for input rather than a physical keyboard. Jack Purcher takes a closer look for Patently Apple:

“With this next-gen MacBook having a glass input surface also means that the MacBook could take on completely new interfaces beyond a keyboard and trackpad… It could theoretically present users with a game controlling interface when playing a video game. It could provide DJ’s with a touch-based turntable and audio controls. It may offer video editors with an interface that could take advantage of touch instead of a keyboard. It could be a clean canvas to allow artists to use their Apple Pencil.”

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