Apple obtains a patent that modifies the tinting of windows of a car

According to results collected from Patently Apple and the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has obtained a patent on a dynamic tinting system for a vehicle. This is made up of a car, many tinted models and a tint film.

It is possible that this system is capable of covering areas inside your car automatically, this in order to protect objects, internal elements and those exposed to sunlight. According to the publication, this system responds to direct requests to tint the vehicle’s windows through Siri.

In case of detecting discomfort due to sunlight in any of the passengers, it is adjusted automatically, since there will be sensors that perceive these manifestations in case the occupant squints his eyes, as long as the user has the visibility focused towards the outside .

The adjustable external surfaces can be fully or partially transparent, they can also be added on windshields, windows, roof, floor and more.

That said, apart from increasing the comfort of the users, it can also be used to increase their privacy, at the time of reducing the filtered light from the interior to the exterior. A brilliant technology that demonstrates the company’s interest in vehicles and user comfort.

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