Apple granted a patent for a pencil with multiple functionalities

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Apple has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a touch-based Pencil that has removable and exchangeable components.

Each removable component provides distinct features, allowing the user to select various capabilities by employing each of the various functional modules, patently apple reported.

Users holding the Pencil will be able to conduct in-air gestures to control Macs, Apple TV boxes and advanced televisions.

It can perform operations like pause, advance or reverse playback, and advance or reverse to another episode, track, or photo.

The removable component can also function as a connector for charging and communicating with the stylus.

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Apple Pencil could include a tip with ink, paint, lead, or graphite that can be used for markings on a physical surface.

The functional components could also include sensors, cameras, biometric readers, displays, switches, buttons, speakers, compass, microphones, voice coils.

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