patent scouting

Patent Scouting

Patent scouting helps to identify patents in order to commercialize those in the future. Interesting technological areas are identified (such as cloud computing or LEDs). Then, the patents in this area are identified and the owners of these patents are contacted. With patent scouting, patents can be identified that are strategically important for a company or needed for corporate R&D purposes. The patent scouting provides overview of the whole patent market which helps to realize the market potential of a patent.   

At 3A IP, we provide Patent scouting which helps to identify valuable patented technologies through patent, market, and industry analyses. The important part of the patent scouting is to approach patent holders like companies, universities, research institutions, or single inventors. Patent scouting is especially used within the branches of information technologies, telecommunications, mechanical, and medical engineering and is based upon a certain technology which enables to identify patents and patent owners. In addition, the patent scouting process is also a method for designing and compiling a patent portfolio appropriate for acquisition purposes.


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