patent marketing material

Patent Marketing Material

3A IP works closely with the patent brokerage firms or patent professional specializing in patent licensing for preparing the patent marketing material for auctions and other business negotiations. A well-presented business opportunity in the form of potential patent portfolio wherein each critical/ high value patent is presented for the buyer so that every possible question in a buyer’s mind can be answered confidently, can be a great tool for creating monitory value out of the patent portfolio. 

We provide following information in the patent marketing materials prepared by us: 

  • Study on the market related to patent portfolio 

  • Patent portfolio categorization 

  • Surface level analysis of the entire portfolio 

  • Ranking and scoring of the patents for identifying high value patents 

  • Smart and to the point analysis on the high value patents 

  • Deeply elaborated evidence of use, if there is any. 

  • Other related information like filing trends of the possible buyers, class based filing trends, inventor based filing trends to provide you the growth lifecycle stage of the industry


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