Product-Patent Portfolio Maps

Product-Patent Portfolio Maps

We also provide product-patent portfolio mapping for any portfolio of products which seems relevant to you or your business. A product-patent portfolio map provides you a well-structured categorization of the products within the technical categorization of the patent portfolio which further makes it easy for the reviewer to conduct infringement scouting and ranking study. 

3A IP offers Product-Patent Portfolio Mapping service to assist attorneys and in-house counsels in determining how your patent portfolio is aligned with your product portfolio. 3A IP Patent to Product Mapping or Product to Patent Mapping service helps you to identify important patents from the patent portfolio which are mapped to products portfolio to find potential patents from the patent pool which can be mapped to one or more products to create strategy against the opposing party. 

These maps also produce textual and graphical representation of product-patent portfolio detailed mapping for easy visualization of potentially infringed patents.


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