patent whitespace services

Patent Whitespace Services

Patent whitespace analysis is again a deeper version of a landscape analysis but with different business objective of identifying the gaps in the technology area so that the most valuable and uncovered area can be identified for future business opportunities. "White Space" is the area with little or no patenting activity. "White Space" designates an analysis methodology that identifies absence of patents in a particular product or technology area as a primary driver of innovation decision-making. There is no doubt that an important aspect of any innovation assessment is when a company is introducing a new product or technology and it needs to know at an early stage whether it can own the fruits of its innovation efforts, and whether it might be sued for infringement by a third party. 

3A IP team work closely with the clients once the initial stage landscape exercise is done and is well aligned with the business objectives of our clients. We have developed an innovative execution plan to provide you the intelligence report on possible gaps in the technology domain of your interest which is easy to read, review and audit for confident business decision making.


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