patent portfolio analysis service

Patent Portfolio Analysis Service

Patent portfolios are the most valuable assets for any organization all over the world. In today’s competitive environment, it is critical for every business to have a close eye on not only their own portfolio but also on the portfolio of their competitors. 

3A IP experts are working closely with their clients for over 7 years to create the most efficient route for achieving the above mentioned objectives. We specialize in categorizing the complete portfolio into buckets which are aligned with your business activities/objectives and can be navigated by any business decision maker (core management/ legal team) for gathering the intelligence for future business strategy. Our Patent Portfolio Analysis report allows you to compare patenting activity which provides insight into competitor's/ own patenting trend, technology innovation and R&D investment strategy and provides you confidence that your patenting activity is giving you strength in the market. 

Patent Portfolio Analysis report is helpful in 

  • Comparing your patenting activity to your key competitors/ lead assignee 

  • Understand competitors’/ lead assignee’s strategic direction by knowing where they are patenting 

  • Know your competitors'/ lead assignee’s R&D expenditures 

  • Identify strong areas of your portfolio compare to your key competitors/ lead assignee 

  • Identify which patents are strong in the operation of the company


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