Patent Landscaping Service

Patent Landscaping Service

Landscape search provides an opportunity to its reviewer to review the technology domain of his/ her interest from different viewing angles and zoom levels. Patent landscape is a survey of patents in given technological field that seek to answer one or more business objectives. Parameters of patent landscape are defined by individual objectives of projects. Businesses can use patent landscape studies for competitive intelligence gathering with an endeavor to find out more about your competitors/ leading patent filers, than they know about you. By analyzing patent holdings of competitors/ leading patent filers, their strategies and future products can be fairly identified. Therefore, it helps businesses to identify areas in which competitors/ leading patent filers may pose threat in future and helps them to refine their strategies and identify thrust areas for research and development (R&D). 

3A IP team is working with business decision makers all over the world for last 7 years for providing expert landscape search and report services. We provide our clients an opportunity to read the intelligence report provided by us at different zoom levels created by well thought and designed structured categorization and presentation of the result set. Our analysis includes: 

  • Drafting Technology and Landscape Analysis Reports (LAR) based on technology and market trends 

  • Develop future R&D strategies based on product and competitor analysis 

  • Technology assessment and mapping 

  • Identification of innovation focus of companies, industries and countries 

  • Identification of patents related to competitors technology 

  • Identification of technology leaders and their IP strategies 

  • Identification of technological positioning of companies and their chronological changes 

  • Identification of IP activity over the years  Organizing technology in a particular area


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