value proposition

Value Proposition

Prior art search services are the most requested support services to support different business decision stages as required during the complete invention life cycle. Prior art search, whether it is done for Freedom to Operate (FTO), Validity or Patentability opinion, requires two very distinct types of expertise: 1) patent database search proficiency and 2) Technology/ Science specialization. 

At 3A IP, with our team of experts and specialists, have devised a cost-effective and validated methodology of pairing the two specialties for each case. This method has proven to produce quality, consistent search results without substantially increasing the cost to the client. 3A IP experts have identified many known and accepted problems for the clients related to such support services and have designed the following solutions to answer it: 

  • Identification of the right search logic and focused target 

  • Selection of the right language based search seeds (key words) and their technical equivalence to create an exhaustive key-word list 

  • Creation of the search logic based on every possible strategy that might be adopted for overcoming the prior arts and to get the application as granted patent 

  • Identification of the acceptance grounds and route through which such grounds were established 

  • Time management for creating an efficient & exhaustive yet budget friendly reports 

  • Presentation of the gathered information based on the relevant prior arts to save time at client’s end during the review 

  • Answering all of the possible gaps during the search so that the opposing party cannot find any crack in the wall created by the prior arts 

  • Using classes, assignees and inventors in a unique combination with the key-words to filter out the relevant result set 

  • Access to non-English databases and presentation of the result with limited information but with a lot of food for thought 

  • Categorizing the result set and then scoring/ rating of the result set for easy selection and priority based reading 

If any of the above stated solution is an echo of what you were continuously looking for, please feel free to contact us for the following search services and we will be happy to start the relationship on a challenging project that you can share with us to benchmark us with other service providers: 

  • Patentability /Novelty Search 

  • State of the art search 

  • Accelerated Patentability Search 

  • Freedom To Operate/ Clearance/ FTO Search 

  • Invalidity Search 

  • National Language Search (Chinese, Japanese & Korean) 

Value Additions 

Accessibility to wide range of Patent and Non-Patent Databases | User friendly claim charts & reports | Innovative way of mapping identified references | File wrapper analysis of the patent in question | Domain specific search teams | Fast turnaround time | Broadest jurisdiction coverage | Non-English search such as Japanese, Korean, German search | Project initiation call


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