file wrapper analysis

File wrapper analysis

File history is one of the most valuable document for infringement/ EoU chart preparation or for the start of invalidity/ validity searches. File history establishes the understanding between the applicant and examiner and therefore provides the grounds on which the invention was accepted as novel, inventive and non-obvious. Our experts review the file wrapper technically to extract out the initial feed for an efficient and successful patent infringement, patent invalidity search, patent licensing terms, patent value analysis, a strong due diligence and freedom to operate analysis. Following are some of the information points extracted from the file wrapper: 

  • Cited references and grounds of objections raised 

  • Prosecution history estoppel identification 

  • Amendments or arguments made by the applicant and effect on the scope of the parent claim set 

  • Comparison charts/ evolutionary analysis of the claim sets during each OA communication 

  • Well-crafted grounds of acceptance


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