non infringement analysis

Non-infringement analysis

Non-infringement analysis is critical for any litigation war as soon as the opposing party serve the dish on your table. Although, it is supposed to be conducted by an expert review for preparing the non-infringement arguments but the team at 3A IP can be a supplementary back end support in the war. The technical analysis provided by our experts can be used before hiring the expert witness to save the time and money as the expert witness are paid at a much higher hourly rate as compared to our technical experts or after hiring the expert witness as well wherein we will be working as a technical support team for the expert witness selected by you. 

3A IP provides comments on both the strongest as well as the weakest infringement claim from the opposing party. We also provide our own counter-arguments which are not close to your legal expertise but can be a food for thought for your own team as well as the expert witness.


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