Thanks for this, Umesh – This search worked out well for us and we were able to meet our deadline. The results of the search were very helpful thank you.

By - Law Firm, USA.

Neha, we have made initial review of the results and found the results useful. Thank you for making this invalidity search.

By - Corporate, Finland.

Dear Neha, No problems with the quality of the work. They were also accepted by the Dutch Patent Office.

By - Law firm, Netherlands.

Dear Mrs. Neha Sharma, Yes, we appreciate the quality of your work.

By - Law Firm, France.

Dear Neha, in the name of our referees who are working on the files that we shared with you I would like to thank you and your team for your work you did so far. From the settlement of the research inquiry all the way to the interim report and the final report we are satisfied with the work you all did. The reports are structured well and the thoroughness of your work can be seen by the reports. We thank you and your team again for your work done and looking forward for more such successful work together.

By - Corporate, Germany.

Umesh, the search report got approved from our client and you can proceed with next set of ordered work.

By - Law firm, Malaysia.

Dear Neha, I am satisfied with the search, the work was good.

By - Law Firm, USA.

Dear Umesh & Neha, We are very satisfied with your search result about XXX.  Especially, detailed claim analysis was useful for us.

By - Corporate, Japan.

Dear Umesh and Neha, I am impressed with the searches and though we found some better information but we understand we gave you limited time and you did an excellent job in the allocated deadline. I will definitely order next service from you soon. Very good team, great effort and excellent service quality.

By - Law firm, Japan.

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